BETTER Man Campaign


Be the BETTER Man and Get Checked!

Men – it’s time to put your razors down!  November is the month when we throw our razors away and grow a beard or mustache in support of Men’s Health.  Here at Hannibal Regional we are celebrating Men’s Health in November with our campaign: Be the BETTER Man – #GetChecked.  Please join us in educating our community about the importance of men’s health.  Throughout November we will be engaging our community in talking about men’s health, as well as offering special men’s health assessments.

How can you help support our BETTER Man Campaign?

  1. All men out there – grow a beard or mustache and when asked about it, talk about the importance of men’s health and screenings.  We have a great new men’s health site at which discusses the importance of screenings, as well as has information about the screenings our Medical Group is offering in November.
  2. We will use social media throughout the month of November to showcase the campaign.  Get your friends and co-workers together and contact our Marketing team to take your photo.  Or take a selfie and send it to our Marketing team.
  3. At the conclusion of the month, Marketing will be coming around the Hospital taking pictures of our team and their great beards and mustaches.
  4. And everyone, not just men, don’t forget to wear your BETTER Man shirts every Friday in November.  The Foundation still has shirts available if you have not had time to purchase yours.

Also, throughout the month of November, Hannibal Regional Medical Group is offering $59 Men’s Health Assessments.  It’s recommended that men get a checkup each year because the earlier something is caught the sooner something can be done about it. The Men’s Health Assessment at HRMG includes: a check for elevated PSA levels which may indicate prostate cancer, blood sugar check, blood pressure, testosterone levels check, a cholesterol check, and BMI measurement. The best part about most of these checks, including the PSA, is that they can be accomplished with one simple blood test.  The Men’s Health Assessments can be scheduled at any clinic location and are available at the special $59 cash price until November 30, 2017.

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