BETTER Man Campaign

November 9, 2017

Hannibal Regional wants to heighten awareness of men’s health issues and educate people on how to get involved. The new “Be the BETTER Man” campaign is not just for team members, it’s for the whole community!


Safety Tips for Walking Outdoors

August 1, 2016

Walking is good for your body—as long as you use your head. Safety should be a priority, even if you’re only out for a casual walk in familiar surroundings. When you walk outside, follow these tips to make your stroll as safe as possible: Be alert. Always walk with confidence and purpose; hold your head high. Avoid distractions. Don’t wear headphones (or keep the volume low). Walk in the day….


An Herb Garden for Healthier, Tastier Eating

July 5, 2016

An Herb Garden for Healthier, Tastier Eating The sight and aroma of fresh herbs growing on a sunny windowsill can brighten your day. And herbs can make healthy foods taste and smell more delicious. When you use herbs in your cooking, you can reduce the salt without giving up flavor. Herbs may even have a host of health benefits, too. Researchers have found that some herbs may help ward off…


Healthyroads Wellness Tip: General Wellness

February 8, 2016

2 Steps to Moist, Soft Skin Dry skin is a common problem, especially in winter and as people age. Here are 2 simple ways to help keep your skin from drying out: First, drink enough water to stay well hydrated. Not drinking enough water may lead to dry skin. So keep your water bottle filled and on hand throughout the day. Second, always keep a layer of lotion or oil…