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Stored Electronic Health Information

There are many places electronic health information is now stored.  You may not realize all the places this information is stored in the healthcare organization.

Here is a list of some locations where electronic health information can be found:

  1. Electronic Health Record (EHR)
  2. Lab Information System
  3. Radiology/Diagnostic Imaging System (PACS, US, CT Scanner)
  4. Automated Dispensing Device (Omnicell)

We have a duty to protect this confidential information no matter where it is stored. 


HRHS has a no retaliation policy when a concern is reported by a Team Member.

Compliance Hotline (573) 248-5650

Ann Dunham, HRHS Compliance Officer/HIPAA Privacy Officer

Phyllis Paris, HRHS HIPAA Security Officer

Thanks for doing the right thing!


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