Compliance Corner – Beware of Phishing!


Beware of Phishing!!

Phishing is a form of online identity theft or a method to infect computers with viruses.  The phisher sends an email and is hoping you will respond to it.  If someone does respond to this type of email, the phisher could gain access to information on your computer and/or could infect your computer with a virus.

You may have received an email threatening to close your bank account or credit card if you don’t respond to that email immediately.  You may have received an email asking you to confirm user name, passwords, personal or financial data.  You may have received an email asking you to help someone bring money into this country. 

Some phishing emails ask you to click on a link to complete a process.  DO NOT click on that link.

NEVER respond to any of these types of emails.  If you are unsure about an email and it seems suspicious, it probably is some type of phishing scam.  If you receive this type of email, alert the Information Systems Department immediately.


Compliance Hotline (573) 248-5650

Ann Dunham, HRHS Compliance Officer and HIPAA Privacy Officer

Phyllis Paris, HRHS HIPAA Security Officer

Thanks for doing the right thing!