Compliance Corner – Entering the Ordering Provider


If one of your job duties is to enter the provider name for a patient testing order, it is very important to use the correct provider name.

Like most healthcare organizations, we have providers that have similar first or last names.  Choosing the correct provider is extremely important for the following reasons (not an all-inclusive list):

  1. The test results will be sent to the correct provider.
  2. If the wrong provider is entered, the results will be delayed getting to the correct provider. This can cause a delay in patient care.
  3. When test results get sent to the wrong provider, this is a HIPAA violation.

Another important component to this is to confirm the provider name on the actual order.   We have had instances where all team members involved did not catch an error that involved a wrong provider being chosen at each stage because information was not verified.

Taking just a few extra minutes to confirm the provider name with the patient and on the actual order will prevent errors.


HRHS has a no retaliation or harassment policy when a concern is reported in good faith.

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Ann Dunham, HRHS Compliance Officer/HIPAA Privacy Officer

Phyllis Paris, HRHS HIPAA Security Officer

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