Compliance Corner – Jump Drive Security


The use of jump drives (sometimes called thumb drive, flash drive, or jump drive) is a popular way to transfer information.  If you wish to take information from one of these or put information onto one of these for any reason, contact IT first!

  • If someone asks you to get information from one of these, including printing off information, contact IT first!
  • If you find one of these in the parking lot and wonder what is on it, DO NOT plug it into an HRHS computer to find out.
  • DO take it to the IT Department as soon as possible.  It could contain confidential patient information, or contain a virus that would infect HRHS computers.

HRHS has a no retaliation policy when a concern is reported by a Team Member.

Compliance Hotline (573) 248-5650

Ann Dunham, HRHS Compliance Officer/HIPAA Privacy Officer

Phyllis Paris, HRHS HIPAA Security Officer

Thanks for doing the right thing!