Compliance Corner – Policies


Hannibal Regional has implemented policies and procedures to guide team members to do their job legally and ethically in accordance with the regulations and laws.

Policies also guide team members on how to appropriately handle certain situations.

Team members can find HRHS policies on the Intranet.  The Policy section of the Intranet is divided into different departmental folders.  The policies are also searchable by keywords to assist with finding the policy.

If you need further instructions, there is a short video located at the bottom left corner of the main page of the Intranet.  This will give you step-by-step instructions on how to find a document.

It is a good idea to occasionally review policies to remain familiar with them.

HRHS has a no retaliation or harassment policy when a concern is reported in good faith.

Compliance Hotline (573) 248-5650

Ann Dunham, HRHS Compliance Officer/HIPAA Privacy Officer

Phyllis Paris, HRHS HIPAA Security Officer

Thanks for doing the right thing!