Expansion / Construction Update


Expansion continues in many different areas on campus! The materials receiving support areas are being completed over the next week. These areas include an IT work room, clean linen storage, dirty linen storage, hazardous waste storage, medical gas tank storage / supply system and EVS equipment room. Access control to the entry doors off the receiving dock area have been installed and team member access through that door will begin next week.

The foundation work for the new Medical Office Building is fully underway, and all the piers have been drilled. Grade beam foundations for this will be started next week. The new MOB elevator pit is currently being constructed, and the foundations for the ICU/PCU two-story building and the surgery single-story expansion are under construction as well. Dry wall barriers at the windows will be installed on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the Medical Building next week and during this period three to four HRMG Medical Staff parking spaces will be utilized for staging construction of the walls. Structural steel should arrive soon so construction of the medical building can begin.  A pad will be poured to support the delivery of a new emergency generator and electrical transformer.  And finally,  the new server room will be completed this week and turned over to the IT team to complete server equipment installation.   

It is exciting to see all the changes happening, and we are grateful to everyone who is working so hard on this project!    


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