Getting Your Sleep Routine Back on Track


With the recent time change, some people find they have a hard time getting their sleep routine back on track. Being groggy and having a hard time getting going in the morning, especially after the time changes in spring and fall, is one thing but excessive tiredness is a safety hazard and is one of the indicators of sleep apnea.

Hannibal Medical Supplies offers a complete line of CPAP and BIPAP units and supplies for those diagnosed with Sleep Apnea.  There is a new procedure in place for PAP referrals. Orders can be faxed to 217-277-3943 (or to HMS fax). A billing specialist immediately contacts the patient, letting them know an order has been received and confirming payer information.  The patient is again contacted after confirming insurance deductibles and copays. Once the patient receives their CPAP, a respiratory therapist calls the next business day to follow-up. This allows the patient another opportunity to ask questions, and allows the respiratory therapist an opportunity to offer sleep tips if there were problems.

For optimum therapy, PAP supplies should be replaced on a regular basis.  Insurance typically allows 2 disposable filters, 2 nasal or pillow replacement cushions, and/or 1 full face cushion each month.  Typically every 3 months new tubing is allowed. Every 6 months, most payers allow a mask w/headgear, chin strap, humidifier chamber, and gross particular foam filter is covered.


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