Golden Star Winners


Hannibal Regional team members have the opportunity to be recognized on the spot for living out our RISE Values and offering excellent customer service! The Golden Star recognition program is in addition to the quarterly RISEing Star winners. Golden stars are given to various spotters each week. The spotters could be other team members, patients, visitors, vendors, or physicians, and they are on the lookout for team members who offer exceptional customer service and live out our RISE Values. If they spot someone they believe deserves the star, the spotter will present it to the team member, who can then present their star to HR to receive a prize. Spotters will be in different departments and shifts throughout the year.

Aaron Boone, RN – “Aaron Boone had an excellent stop the line today.  A patient was admitted from ER.  He had Morphine ordered.  In reviewing orders, she noticed a Morphine allergy.  Verified with patient to make sure it was a positive allergy and it is.  After discussing with Pharmacy they were able to make the change in a timely manner,  averting a potential error.  She called the physician and received a new pain medication order.”


John Calnan, Security Officer – John Calnan received a Golden Star during leadership rounding.  He was chosen because he “went above and beyond not only in beginning to immediately take care of a critical patient arriving to the ED, but also in helping the rest of the team and identifying the patient so that family could be notified.”  


Jared Hutchins, Food Service Aide – “The Infusion Center wants to recognize a Gold Star!   Mr. Jared Hutchins delivers their patient meals with a smile every day and returns to pick up the dirty dishes. He never complains that he has to walk to the far reaches of the medical building. He ALWAYS polite and offers to assistance. Exceptional!”


Troy Thiel, Scrub Tech – “Troy transported instruments from sterilizer to operative field and realized they had not been sterilized at the proper temperature.  He brought this to the attention of SPD and those involved in the case.  The patient was already asleep, but because the item was not sterilized properly the entire set-up was determined to be contaminated.  This prolonged the anesthetic time for the patient, but definitely could have averted a potentially serious outcome for the patient.  This also made the team aware of mechanical issues we needed to change and provided an opportunity to re-educate the team on proper procedures to follow when utilizing the sterilizers.”

Jennifer White, RT – “I would like to nominate Jennifer White- RT for a Gold Star.  She was in doing a breathing treatment on a patient on mine.  The patient was anxious and worried about her hair not being done in a week.  During the treatment, Jennifer took the time to get a shower cap, cleanse her hair and comb it.  The patient and daughter were very grateful and it helped calm her breathing.​  She could have easily passed this onto nursing staff but took it upon herself.”