Golden Star Winners


Hannibal Regional team members have the opportunity to be recognized on the spot for living out our RISE Values and offering excellent customer service! The Golden Star recognition program is in addition to the quarterly RISEing Star winners. Golden stars are given to various spotters each week. The spotters could be other team members, patients, visitors, vendors, or physicians, and they are on the lookout for team members who offer exceptional customer service and live out our RISE Values. If they spot someone they believe deserves the star, the spotter will present it to the team member, who can then present their star to HR to receive a prize. Spotters will be in different departments and shifts throughout the year.

Phil Bellovich, Purchasing -It’s been a busy week for quite a few folks in the organization. We often don’t stop to really find out how we are doing – sometimes when we speak to one another in passing, the words are fast and the comments even faster as we move through the motions of the niceties. I was reminded today, on a Friday no less, what true team work really looks like and that it does exist outside of the everyday small talk in the halls.

Phil Bellovich from Materials, went out of his way to locate me today to let me know about a purchase requisition that had been sent to him for my department. Phil knows that I prefer to order my phone equipment from our vendor myself – talk about customer service for starters! Phil also tried to call me and left me a message but had not heard back from me and found me in my office after lunch. What Phil didn’t know was that I had been waiting for that PO to come through because it was for our PBX upgrade next week. It was crucial that I get the order processed in time for the upgrade. He offered to place the order for me and after we got the details ironed out, he emailed me to confirm that my order was placed and delivery confirmed in time for the upgrade! He doesn’t know what a life saver he is! His genuine thoughtfulness and assistance truly made my day – he went above and beyond for our department and at such a busy time for many. It is greatly appreciated and I am truly grateful to work alongside him.

Chastity Reese, Med Surg/Peds – I am writing to you because I want to let you know about the quality of care Chastity Reese has been giving her patients she has gone above and beyond expectation

and deserves special recognition. Room 222 was so happy with the care they received from their tech Chastity explaining that Chastity made them feel truly cared for. The patient said she never felt hurried

or rushed when going to her numerous bathroom trips. Chastity also was reported by 223 that she always was kind and gentle avoiding the sore on her leg when helping with care and assisting her out of bed.  Furthermore Room 224 complimented her several times this AM. He had become “blue” because the length of his stay. Chastity made his mood better and he was laughing and joking in the afternoon. I would like to nominate Chastity Reese for a gold star.

Buddy Sheets, Auxilian – I wanted to send you a note about a volunteer who went above and beyond this week. Buddy Sheets came in on one day during all the ice to assist the Guest Services Department at HRMG because he thought Dawn and Kathy wouldn’t be able to make it in, he was correct. Kristy Silver was working and was so grateful for his help because she was fairly busy throughout the day. His help had an impact on patients and guests that day! I thought this was a huge gesture and worth recognizing so I wanted to nominate him for a Golden Star.


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