Golden Star Winners Announced


Hannibal Regional team members have the opportunity to be recognized on the spot for living out our RISE Values and offering excellent customer service! The Golden Star recognition program is in addition to the quarterly RISEing Star winners. Golden stars are given to various spotters each week. The spotters could be other team members, patients, visitors, vendors, or physicians, and they are on the lookout for team members who offer exceptional customer service and live out our RISE Values. If they spot someone they believe deserves the star, the spotter will present it to the team member, who can then present their star to HR to receive a prize. Spotters will be in different departments and shifts throughout the year.


Megan Geist is a PCT for the float pool.  There is a patient who has been in PCU that only likes for Megan to give her a bath.  Megan has been coming in (with director permission) on her days off and clocking in long enough to give the patient her bath.  Megan shows the RISE values every day she works with her patients and her co-workers.  This particular patient requests Megan because she is gentle while giving a bath. She is kind and considers the patient’s feelings as she has just recently become unable to bathe on her own.




Lisa Fesler is an RN in CDU.  Her nominator says: “Lisa frequently takes on extra patients that are offloaded to CDU lately due to our frequent high census.  I often times start patients in the CDU who are to be admitted to the floor but need to be held down in CDU until beds are available.  Lisa already has her own usually-full patient load and never complains of the extra work.  Lisa’s concern when she gets these patients is to ensure all patient needs are promptly met.  Lisa is a highly effective communicator and keeps in contact daily with the status on the CDU patients and when they will be leaving or if they will need a bed on the floor for admission.”



Jodette Byrd works as Diagnostic Services Coordinator in the outpatient lab.  A team member wanted to recognize Jodette and her experience in the outpatient lab:  “Another tech helped Jodette and they both stayed late one night to draw my daughters labs. I was very appreciative of this as this is her second set of labs that had to be drawn in the last week. My daughter is 5 so as you can imagine it’s quite traumatic for her. They were wonderful and were able to get her on the first try! I just thought they deserved some recognition.”




Debbie Minor is an RN in the Women’s Care Unit.  One of her nominators wrote “Debbie exemplifies the RISE values. She takes excellent care of her patients. She is always willing to help her co-workers. When we are busy, Debbie will come in on days off when she is called. She is a hard worker that never complains about the work to be done to care for our patients. When Debbie arrives at work, she is ready to jump in and do whatever needs to be done.”




Diana Frazer is an RN in Information Systems. Her nominator wrote: “This nurse has been part of Hannibal Regional for 20 years, and has served in direct patient care and currently in a support role. The reason I feel like she is a good candidate for this award is her professionalism and team attitude. For the past couple of months she has been doing the job of two. While this might have added to the usual stress of the job, she has stepped up to perform excellent work which helps the clinicians, physicians, and team members in our department. I believe everyone who comes into contact with her would agree that she is a great example of our RISE values. I am proud to have her on my team.”



Congratulations to all our Golden Star winners!