Golden Star Winners Announced


Hannibal Regional team members have the opportunity to be recognized on the spot for living out our RISE Values and offering excellent customer service! The Golden Star recognition program is in addition to the quarterly RISEing Star winners. Golden stars are given to various spotters each week. The spotters could be other team members, patients, visitors, vendors, or physicians, and they are on the lookout for team members who offer exceptional customer service and live out our RISE Values. If they spot someone they believe deserves the star, the spotter will present it to the team member, who can then present their star to HR to receive a prize. Spotters will be in different departments and shifts throughout the year.

Leah Lorenson is a Pharmacy Tech II in our Team Member Pharmacy. Her nominator wrote: “I had medicine ready for pick-up (it was one of my cannot-live-without-it ones) on Friday, and I left work forgetting to pick it up. Leah called me and asked if I needed it for the weekend since they were closed Sat and Sunday. I came back and picked it up. She truly saved me from a potentially bad situation because I would have had enough for the weekend, but I was off Monday and Tuesday as we were going out of town. I thanked her profusely, and she told me it always makes her nervous on Fridays when people have not picked up their prescriptions, so she starts calling people to check. I cannot express how grateful I was for her going that extra step to ensure I had what I needed. It may not have seemed like a big deal to her or just a part of her job, but no other pharmacy would have done this for me.”



Kathy Calhoun is an RN in Med Surg. Her nominator said this of her: “Sometimes in life we are faced with scary and uncertain situations. We had a situation like this when my 5 year old daughter went in for a routine procedure and complications arose. She was placed on a ventilator and airlifted to Cardinal Glennon PICU. It was something we didn’t see coming. When Kat got the news she hurried back to our room to pack our belongings and brought them straight to me in the waiting room. She hugged me and sat down next to me and held my hand. She sat with me, talked to me, and she was there for comfort and assurance the entire time they were stabilizing my daughter to be put on the helicopter. She made sure I knew that being there for me and making sure we were okay were the most important things she could be doing (and I know she was busy and had a lot of other things she would need to get done). She was the light I needed in that moment and the nurse that anyone could only hope to have. It is very apparent that Kat has so much love in her heart to give to her patients! She went way above and beyond her job description and for that I am forever thankful.”


Susie Henderson is a Volunteer at Hannibal Regional Hospital. Her nominator said: “This morning, when I went over for coffee, the pot was nearly empty on the kind I usually get so I just told Susie I would come back for my other ½ cup. As soon as she got the Jamaican Me Crazy made, she found out where I work and brought me a cup over. I would like to recognize her for this kind act! I really didn’t expect it, but it was awesome!”






Haley Woods is Lead Pharmacist on our Medication Reconciliation Team. The person who nominated her said: “Haley has taken on the responsibility as Lead Pharmacist of Medication Reconciliation Team at Admission and now at Discharge. She has accepted and tackled this demanding commitment with tenacity and enthusiasm. She holds herself responsible for delivery on this commitment by responding effectively to the needs of her team. As an example: Haley must now prioritize her regular pharmacy duties while managing countless interruptions to respond to; make quick assessments; and then communicate any problem at the time of discharge. When the pressure is on, she is responsive, not reactive. All of her tasks that she must complete for discharge medication reconciliation have a limited shelf-life; and because of this, Haley strongly believes that teamwork increases our chances for success.”



Brenda Heavner is a Pharmacy Tech II. She had a nominator who wrote: “I wanted to let you know I would like to nominate Brenda for a Golden Star. My family’s pet dog passed away last week. We all have had a little hole in our heart. I heard a knock on my office door and it was Brenda. She handed me a rock that she had hand painted with our dog’s name Duke on it, a painted paw print, and on the back the day he passed. I was at a loss for words when she handed it to me. She said she has pets and she understands. I took it home and put it in our curio cabinet after I showed my family. Several times a day, I see one of my sons sitting in a chair, just holding and looking at that rock. Brenda is a newer team member to our facility. I can’t believe she took her personal time to paint it and show so much compassion for a team member she had just met. The rock may be small, but it became a very large, precious memorial to my family and I. I would like for her to receive the Golden Star for going above and beyond. She is a wonderful addition to our Hannibal Regional family. This is one of the many reasons I have worked at this facility for as many years as I have!”


Connie Roberts is a Volunteer here at Hannibal Regional and her nominator said “She is so kind hearted and friendly to all those who she comes in contact with and today when I was in the shop I witnessed yet another kind act. There was a little girl age 4 or 5 who came in with a young adult and she was so excited because her mom was having a baby right now and she was going to be the first to hold her. She said they were not buying anything but she wanted to look and then she kept telling Connie all about the baby that was going to be a girl and Connie went over and got a “I’m the big sister” shirt and gave it to her. Connie told the little girl that it was a gift from her because she had come in and told her all about her little sister and how excited she was. I was never so proud to know that this volunteer worked in our gift shop and that she represented this hospital and all that we stand for. Connie went out of her way to make that little girl even happier than she already was. I saw this little girl a little while later and she had the shirt on and looked so proud.”


Cassie Kroeschel is an RN in the Emergency Department. Here is what her nominator wrote: “We had a 3 year old boy present to the ER, the little boy was carrying his teddy bear that had a rip. We talked about him being here for help and that his teddy bear was here for stitches. Cassie was able to get some suture and sat down next to the little boy and sutured the teddy bear back together. It was awesome to see her meet this patient where he was at and ease his fears of being in the ER.”





Congratulations to all our Golden Star winners!