Golden Star Winners Announced


This month SEVEN Golden Stars were given out!  Read about these outstanding team members and how they contributed to helping our patients on their paths to Better.

Angie Powers, LPN/Anesthesia Tech-Anesthesia –  “There is a nurse that works in surgery (Angie Powers) that came back into the gift shop the other day and asked if we had seen a couple of visitors because they had dropped something in the parking lot and she was trying to find them. I told her not seen anyone and she said well they dropped this and handed me a handful of wadded up money. I opened it up and there was $80. I had just picked up the phone to call security and she came back around the corner with the couple and said ‘I found them’. This couple was so grateful that she had found it. I am so thankful that there are still honest people in this world that would bring this money in from the parking lot and try to find who it belonged to. Just think of the outcome if someone else would have found it first. Again, this is another example of someone who takes pride in their job to help others.”

Jim Acree, Pharmacist – Team Member Pharmacy – “He has helped several of us over here at the vision with getting our medications transferred to the team member pharmacy.  Not only is he SUPER friendly and helpful but he is also very efficient!!  If I call in or email needing my medication he has it all taken care of and on its way to me when he responds back.  Our team members should be so thankful for the convenience and great service he gives!”

Lisa Tournear, House Supervisor – “Lisa is always calm & cool under pressure.  She can handle the craziest of shifts with grace and will never allow is to know how rough the night has been on her.  She is understanding of all we do and shows compassion to everyone.  She will also come in and work the floor (even as a tech).  She can do anything and always has a smile while doing it.  She is a wonderful asset to the hospital.”

Jan Morris, Secretary- Hannibal Children’s Center -“I would like to give a shout out to Jan from Hannibal Children’s Center. Today while picking my child up from the center she was upset, which bothered me. As I’m checking my kid out for the night I come to find out she’s upset because it is “Hannah’s” last night. Jan cares wholeheartedly about these children – she says good morning and have a good night to us everyday. It touched my heart to see her care so much about these kids. She is always making my day better with a smile. I think Jan from the Children’s Center deserves recognition for what she does everyday. The Hannibal Children Center is a great place! Keep up the good work!”

Angela Utley, PCT / Float Tech –   “Just a line to say… I am blessed to work with great staff everyday. However, on occasion staff members will go above and beyond. Thursday night, the staff were extremely busy caring for their patients and needed some much needed help.Angela overheard me talking to the charge nurses regarding MS and how busy the floor was. Without hesitation both ladies agreed to help. No complaints were heard about the extra work, the only concern was, ensuring the patients received the best possible care. Assisting the staff with vitals, blood sugars, waters, treatments, and medications. Of course, this could not have been possible if the ‘team’ did not pitch in to cover their patients. I just wanted you to know, we have an awesome team here at HRH.”

Dr. Keyur Patel, Hospitalist – ” I received a patient transferred to HRH from another hospital at 20 minutes until 7 pm whom Dr. Patel had been on our unit waiting to arrive so he could assess the patient and get orders put in. On arrival and once looking further into assessment and labs/results from the other hospital the patient was found to have some additional concerning results that needed addressed. Dr. Patel stayed on the unit and not only did a thorough assessment of the patient, but ordered STAT labs, and tests to confirm the results he was concerned about, spoke with the patient’s family (spouse and daughter) at bedside and explained everything we were doing and why, explained his concern for the patient and asked if they had any additional questions for him. He was very helpful and calm for that patient and family and answered any additional questions they had. Then he waited on our unit until the Radiologist himself called him with the results from the tests he had ordered. It meant a lot to me that he stayed with our patient and near in case we needed him and that he took the extra time to explain everything to that patient and his family is a high stress and unsure time.”

Shelby Franklin, RN / ICU – “A few months ago I had personally observed her on a critical patient event of SVT in the PCU area.  She responded to this patient room promptly from her charge nurse position in the ICU.  She quickly took over as the nurse in charge of this patient’s care.  Patient was very anxious about his present situation and Shelby reassured him and calmly directed the other nursing staff involved in his care.  She connected the required defibrillator and precisely measured and administered required medications and defibrillated patient.  This entire event went very smoothly and the patient’s care was superb.  As the patient was converted and stabilized the attending cardiologist entered the room and was pleased to find the patient stabilized and feeling much improved.  Shelby demonstrated her energetic and enthusiastic commitment to all hospitalized patients, and not just the ones assigned to her unit.  She demonstrated a high level of responsibility, judgment and skill during this event, which I was very impressed by.”