Golden Stars Announced


Lara Lovitt, Volunteer Services Manager, received a Golden Star for her kindness and compassion towards others. Her nominator said that Lara took time out of her busy day to help untangle the hanging snowflake decorations. “She put her stuff down and helped me. I thought how kind of her to stop what she was doing to help me.  Especially when I know she has enough on her plate with the holidays and the gift store.”



Kari Botkins, PCT on PCU, received a Golden Star for her kindness and patience with others. Her nominator said “Kari impressed me on a day when she was assigned to a one-on-one patient with aggressive dementia.  Kari sat with this woman so patiently, and she kept to our scripted communications for dealing with such patients.  But the compassion on her face and in her voice when dealing with the situation impressed me as a truly caring person.  I am so proud we have her on our staff.”


Linda Carleton, MS, F-AAA, the audiologist at Hannibal Regional Medical Group, received a Golden Star nomination from a patient. The nominator said, “Linda is extremely knowledgeable and kind. She repaired my hearing aids quickly and efficiently. I have recommended her to others in need of hearing aids – both for her caring attitude and years of experience. I will continue to recommend her to anyone with hearing problems.”



Chef Cory Sturtevant was nominated for a Golden Star for when he came in at midnight on Christmas night and prepared a Christmas feast for the night shift.  It was greatly appreciated and we all wanted him to be recognized for his compassion.  He had no help and worked alone during his “time off” of his normal hours. The entire weekend night shift would like to say thank you to Cory for this act of genuine kindness.