Golden Star Winners Announced


Hannibal Regional team members have the opportunity to be recognized on the spot for living out our RISE Values and offering excellent customer service! The Golden Star recognition program is in addition to the quarterly RISEing Star winners. Golden stars are given to various spotters each week. The spotters could be other team members, patients, visitors, vendors, or physicians, and they are on the lookout for team members who offer exceptional customer service and live out our RISE Values. If they spot someone they believe deserves the star, the spotter will present it to the team member, who can then present their star to HR to receive a prize. Spotters will be in different departments and shifts throughout the year. Our most recent recipients are Melissa Kaylor, Dave Mundle, Dr. Roubey and Donna Healey.


Melissa Kaylor, Patient Care Technician in PCU, has also been awarded a Golden Star. The team members of PCU wanted to recognize Melissa  for her hard work and dedication to our patients. “Every evening when any of the PCTs give hand-off reports to Melissa, she never complains, never seems bothered, and always has a smile on her face, even when we are trudging through lower staffing.  There are many days that we come in on day shift and Melissa tells us in her report that she has done baths for us, helped with vitals, etc.  Melissa is an excellent example of our RISE values at Hannibal Regional and we are proud to call her a member of our team.  Melissa has gone above and beyond continuously for her patients and coworkers and she is very much so deserving of recognition.”


Dave Mundle, Courier for Hannibal Regional, received a Golden Star. His nominator stated, “every time I meet him in the hallway, in my unit, or wherever, he always has a smile on his face and takes a few seconds out of his day to ask how my day is or how my trip was. He always brightens my day with his kindness!”




Dr. Roubey, Hospitalist at Hannibal Regional Hospital, received a Golden Star Award. His nominator explained that “Dr Roubey is very compassionate with each and every one of his patients. I had a patient being discharged and Dr. Roubey went in the room and talked with this patient for a while. Before he left he hugged his patient and wished them luck. I feel like Dr. Roubey is a great example of our RISE values.”



Donna Healey, Patient Registration Clerk, has received a Golden Star Award. Her nominator explained Donna was on duty in the ER the evening a doctor’s mother came through and had to be admitted to Rehab. The doctor shared that Donna was very kind to their family, but more importantly reassured the mother and made her transition to the rehab unit much less stressful than it had been before Donna was present. This doctor felt like Donna went above and beyond in her duties, explaining that the situation in getting the mother to our door had been so stressful and Donna’s kindness made all the difference.