Golden Stars Winners Announced


This month’s Golden Star Winners are being recognized for their kindness, great customer service, and genuinely caring interactions with patients and team members. Congratulations to Denise Goodwin, Katie Raney, RN, and Deborah Taylor, and thank you for being such great people!

Denise Goodwin, Guest Services Representative, is receiving a Golden Star Award for the kind, compassionate service she provides daily. Her nominator wrote: “A young lady came in a couple of months ago to visit her biological father for the first time who was a patient at our hospital. She was clearly scared, worried and uneasy. Denise offered to go with her to the room after learning the story and was with her through the first few moments of meeting him. The young lady was so grateful for Denise’s help that she called and invited her to her wedding! Wow, what a connection she made with this young lady in a short period of time but at a time when we truly needed someone.”



Katie Raney, RN, and Coordinator of Hospitalist Operations, received a Golden Star and is being recognized for her willingness to help team members in need. Engineering had nominated Katie because, “as another team member was wheeling one of the older beds from the ICU down the long hallway from ER by himself, it was hard to control and the bed was zig zagging all over the hallway. Katie jumped right in without being asked and helped him bring the bed the rest of the way.”




Deborah Taylor, Housekeeper in Environmental Services, received a Golden Star this past month. Her nominator said “Deborah does a great job in housekeeping. She is very helpful and goes above and beyond to make sure everything is clean. She is always right there whenever called. She is always smiling and is a true asset to our team.”