Hannibal Medical Supplies Partnership


Ensuring northeast Missouri patients have access to a full line of durable medical equipment and supplies without having to leave the area led Hannibal Regional Hospital to investigate the possibility of opening Hannibal Medical Supplies, LLC.  Hannibal Regional Hospital and the Hannibal Clinic created this partnership to better serve the area’s healthcare needs, and chose Denman Services, Inc. as a partner because of its excellent service reputation and expertise in the medical equipment industry.

In 2009, Hannibal Medical Supplies (HMS) opened, providing a wide range of services such as home oxygen therapy and respiratory, including CPAP and BiPAP; aids for daily living products such as reacher/grabbers and special eating utensils; enteral feeding products; and breast pumps and supplies, to name a few.  Services provided include free or low-cost overnight oximetry, certified compression fitters, and diabetic/therapeutic shoe and insert fitting.

Store staff provide medical equipment delivery and set-up and offer complete billing services to Medicare/Medicaid, insurance and HMOs.  Delivery is free within the counties served – Marion, Lewis, Ralls, Pike, Shelby, and Monroe.

National healthcare issues continue to affect our medical community, and there are multiple ways HMS can help. For example, the store already provides a non-invasive home vent which is touted to reduce hospital readmits for those patients with chronic COPD and/or neuromuscular disease. A new product, the Afflovest, is available to for patients with Bronchiectasis, or neuromuscular diseases who have a daily productive cough for at least six months or frequent exacerbations/chest infections requiring antibiotic therapy.  Correct use of appropriate equipment can help patients stay out of the hospital/avoid readmits.

Hannibal Medical Supplies is nationally accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care, Inc. (ACHC), a reflection of the store’s commitment to excellence in products, services and customer satisfaction.  In addition to providing medical equipment and supplies to residents of Northeast Missouri, Hannibal Medical Supplies is also a supporter of the community.  As a Hannibal Chamber of Commerce member, the store takes part in the Chamber Gift Certificate program.  They also participate in community events such as Senior Expos and health fairs.

Hannibal Medical Supplies is open 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon on Saturday.  The store is located in the County Market Pharmacy building at 5 Diamond Blvd. and can be reached by calling (573) 231-0556.