Hannibal Regional Logo Wear


We have recently changed the team member logo wear ordering process to make it more structured and efficient.  Outlined below are the new guidelines.

  1. Team members will have the opportunity to order logo wear two times a year from TJ Uniforms when they are onsite for Scrubs events.  These will be onsite events in the Hospital Mall area.  Team members will be able to order scrubs and other apparel that may have the logo and personalization added.  Payroll deducts will be offered at these twice per year events only.
  2. Individual department leadership will now work with Materials Management to order department specific uniforms when they are needed.  
  3. As a reminder, HRHS department funds cannot be used to purchase logo wear for their entire team as a gift or for uniforms which are not required.
  4. Team members will not be able to purchase “one off” logo wear through Hannibal Regional at any other times during the year.
  5. Individual team members will be allowed to purchase items on their own, from a vendor of their choice and using their own funds, and take it to Little Granny’s, Printex or Landmarx to have a logo placed on it at any time during the year.     
  6. Marketing will ensure approved vendors have the correct logos.
  7. These guidelines apply to all Hannibal Regional locations, including outlying clinics and all CFM locations.   TJ Uniforms is not able to conduct events at these outlying locations, so if team members from these sites would like to purchase items from this vendor in person or take advantage of the payroll deduct option, they will need to attend the sales at the Hospital Mall on the specified dates.

We appreciate your patience as we work hard to make this process efficient and user-friendly.  It is important to us that we meet the needs of our team and we feel this new structure will assist in better aligning our needs with our vendors capabilities.


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