Happy 2018…. Our Year of BETTER!


Happy New Year!  As we begin a new year, I want to not only look forward to 2018 but also reflect on 2017.  Last year was a very exciting, busy and sometimes stressful year for us all.  In 2017 we expanded our organization, with the addition of Complete Family Medicine and Northeast Missouri Imaging Associates, as well as the many new providers who came to Hannibal Regional Medical Group.  And let’s not forget the major milestone at the end of the year: breaking ground on our new expansion project which will greatly enhance our ability to serve our patients and families.  The events of 2017 helped us all to envision a new future, a future as an integrated health system, a more expanded geographic region, yet still maintaining the same core mission and vision we have had since 2012.  As we move into 2018, I want you all to remember the focus of our organization:  Every Patient.  Every Time.  What is important?  Our mission states, “Your Health is our Mission”.  This mission is all-encompassing, as it reminds us that our purpose, along every step of the health journey, is to guide our patients to BETTER.  In the coming year we will continue down our path to BETTER.  As we feel the growing pains of expansion and growth, again, I remind you to focus on what is important… BETTER. 

I recently watched a commercial which said: “If you think you have done your best – aim higher.  Thinking you are the best can lead to complacency.  You can always do better.  Keep dreaming, keep fighting, keep reaching beyond your best – on your never-ending quest…. For BETTER” This commercial reinforced my belief in our mission, vision and slogan of “Guiding you to BETTER.” The road to BETTER isn’t always easy; it is sometimes hard, stressful, chaotic and tiresome.  But with your eye on the important things – our patients, our families and our team – each step is worth the effort and together we will all move forward and continue to serve our community as we have for the last 115 years.  I am honored and humbled to work with each and every one of you. I am excited about the future because we – me, you, our patients and our community – hold the future in our hands.  Our success is only dependent on us and our continued quest for BETTER.  So, join me in 2018 to always focus on BETTER, focus on the good, and focus on our patients, families and team.  We have come so far, and in our quest for BETTER we will continually strengthen our commitment to our community – Every Patient, Every Time.  Happy 2018…. Our year of BETTER!


Click here to watch a video showcasing some highlights of 2017


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