In It To Win It Winners


The summer/fall 2017 In It to Win It contest had 20 teams competing and a total of 134 people completing the challenge.  As a group 866 pounds were lost.  Congratulations to all who participated!  The following are the category winners for the Summer/Fall 2017 In It To Win It Campaign:

Department:   JECCC, lost a total of 42.4 lbs or 7.97% traveling trophy(The team consisted of Carla Jarmon, Steven Rose, Melissa Kolb)

Individual Winners:     

1st place – Tom Rodeghero from Home Health lost a total of 34.2 lbs.  and 15.64 % PLUS ….He was the INDIVIDUAL 1st place winner 2016 fall session.  

2nd place – Kodi Kroeger from Accounting – Lost 21# and 14.22%

3rd place – Carla Jarmon from JECC –  Lost 20# and 12.3%

Individual with most weight loss was Tom Rodeghero with 34.2# total.