Hannibal Regional Inpatient Rehabilitation Services Guides Quincy Attorney Back To BETTER


Hannibal Regional Inpatient Rehabilitation Services Guides Quincy Attorney Back To BETTER

“I can’t imagine getting BETTER anywhere else,” Tad Brenner.

When Quincy attorney Talmadge (Tad) Brenner began his day on the morning of June 11th, 2016, he didn’t realize his life would flash in front of his eyes in a matter of hours.  

Mr. Brenner was enjoying a Sunday afternoon motorcycle ride on his 1952 Vincent.  “The coolest bike made in the 50’s”, Tad adds.  He was finishing his ride, getting ready to pull into his driveway when he was rear-ended by a freightliner truck.  Within minutes the ambulance was there.  He suffered many traumatic injuries which were so severe he needed to be flown to Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis via helicopter.  He had sustained a crushed pelvis, broken both shoulders, nine broken ribs, broken heel, bleeding kidney and spleen, four broken vertebrates and a collapsed lung.  Rehabilitation would be essential in order for him to fully recover.

His stay at Barnes lasted twelve days.  “I remember thinking, where do I go from here?  I know I need rehabilitation.”

While in Barnes, he was visited on two different occasions by a representative from Hannibal Regional Inpatient Rehab services.  “They offered to take care of me and they wanted to take care of me,” Tad explains.  He knew he would need physical therapy and rehab for his severe pelvic injury.  

The Inpatient Rehabilitation staff at Hannibal Regional provides innovative treatment approaches to assist patients in returning to a normal lifestyle.  Their comprehensive team provides individualized and goal-oriented treatment programs specifically for older adults.  The patient is treated physically, emotionally and socially.  The goal is to return patients to their optimum level of function and open the door to BETTER quality of life.  

Tad made his decision to receive care at Hannibal Regional.  “I felt very comfortable making my commitment to use the Hannibal Regional Inpatient Rehab facility.  On several different occasions I had heard through word of mouth what a great facility it was and that is what influenced me to make the right choice. I knew this would be a critical phase to my recovery and I was confident in what I was about to embark on.”

An ambulance transported him from St. Louis to Hannibal. “ I felt very welcomed from the beginning.  Everyone who I came in contact with knew me and my case very well.”

Mr. Brenner received several hours of physical and occupational therapy daily.   He was a patient for ten days at Hannibal Regional. He practiced walking up and down stairs, learned to use a walker, worked on flexibility and endured strengthening exercises.

“The physicians, nurses and therapists I worked with daily were skilled, personable and compassionate. The patient to staff ratio was extremely good.  This was a critical phase in my recovery and they went out of their way in every aspect.  The quality of care was astronomical.”  I now take a spin class and do pilates.  Recovery is a real process.  The staff were always working for me and with me.  I can’t imagine getting BETTER anywhere else than at the Hannibal Regional Inpatient Rehab.”

Pictured: Tad Brenner with Loren Hams, COTA, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant.  Loren was highly influential in guiding Mr. Brenner back to BETTER.