National Patient Access Week


Patient Access Week was established in 1982 and is dedicated to celebrating the people who work in Patient Access.  This year National Patient Access Week will be celebrated April 2-8.

The Patient Access Department is most often responsible for providing the patient and visitors their first impression of our hospital. Within the department we have 29 team members located at several areas: Front Registration, HRMG Registration, Emergency Department Registration, Front Emergency Department Desk, Centralized Scheduling, Pre-certification and Pre-registration.  The Emergency Department Registration is open 24/7 throughout the year. Patient Access is also known as Registration or Admitting.

One of the most important duties of the Patient Access Department is to assist in creating an environment for our patients and their families that is stress-free and caring.  Before a patient ever arrives at Hannibal Regional, the Patient Access department is working diligently behind the scenes obtaining orders, checking for the accuracy of the orders, verifying insurances, pre-certifying the visit and pre-registering the patient’s visit. When necessary we will also contact the patient to discuss their upcoming visit.  In our discussion with the patient we may review their demographics, insurance, copays and deductibles.  We try to be as prepared as possible for the patient to make their visit as effortless as possible.  It is not always possible to prepare for the patient before they arrive but we always work to put the same care and compassion into each visit.  

Thank you, Patient Access Department, for all that you do for Hannibal Regional!