New Team Members


Front row (L to R): Krystal Ferguson, Surgery, GI Tech; Candy Lopez, Housekeeper, Houskeeping; Kate Aschemann, RN-BSN, Women’s Care; Laci Bowman, RN, ICU; Emily Tate, Teacher, Children’s Center; Brooklyn Myers, Med Reconciliation, Med Reconsiliation Tech; Evie Miles, Patient Care Tech, PCU; Jane Ralls, Information Systems, IS Administrative Assistant

Back row (L to R): Brett Hamilton, System Leadership, Risk Management Coordinator; Nicholas Powell, Teacher, Children’s Center; Austen Eisecarver, ER Physicians, Medical Scribe; Jack Baumann, Surgery, Surgical Aid; Adrian Mehrer, Teacher, Children’s Center


Front row (L to R): Stacey Davis, Housekeeper, Housekeeping; Whitney Fisher, Patient Care Tech, Progressive Care Unit; Diana Ebers, Housekeeper, Housekeeping; Kari Beaver, Patient Care Tech, Women’s Care; Suzanne Summers, RN, BSN, ICU.

Back row (L to R): April Baxley, Patient Care Tech, Progressive Care Unit; Cameron Conley, Security Officer, Security; Nicole Hamlin, Medical Secretary, Med/Surg; Brandi Hill, Communications Operator, Communications; Bill Herrin, Clinical Applications Coordinator, Information Systems.