Nurse Residency Program Begins at Hannibal Regional


The Institute of Medicine recommends that hospitals implement a Nurse Residency program to support new graduate nurses for a year after hire to assist the new graduate in transition from student to professional nurse.  Nurse Residency programs have been proven to enhance nurse competence, confidence, engagement and retention.

The Nursing Development team began the first Nurse Residency class –  Sept. 7, 2017 with 15 newly graduated nurses.   The focus was Pharmacy, including medication waste, documentation of medication waste, communicating with Pharmacy via Message Manager, Heparin protocol, Antibiotic administration and Medication Reconciliation.

Nurse Residency classes will be monthly from Sept. until April and will include a change project and the following topics:

Time Management, Critical Thinking, Care of the Respiratory, Oncology, Cardiac and Behavioral Health  patient, Conflict management, Stress management, and Professional Development.  For more information contact Kim Bouyea, Coordinator of Nursing Development at 573-629-3581.