Nursing Grand Rounds – Congestive Heart Failure


What is the Leading Cause of Hospitalizations in People Older Than Age 65?

If you were present for Dr. Harruna’s Nursing Grand Rounds presentation on Tuesday June 13th you would know the answer is Congestive Heart Failure! You would also know that more than 500,000 people are newly diagnosed with heart failure each year and that heart failure affects nearly 6 million Americans. Dr. Harruna prepared an excellent educational presentation designed to assist nursing staff in keeping up to date with the newest research related to CHF. Stages of Heart Failure along with causes, clinical evaluation tools, testing protocols, and the 2017 Heart Failure guidelines were reviewed. It was a tremendous opportunity for HRH and HRMG nursing staff to Guide our Patients to BETTER by improving their knowledge and nursing skills.

Pictured: Dr. Harruna – Interventional Cardiology

The next Nursing Grand Rounds – Hospital Readmissions: How This Affects Our Patients and Hospital, will be presented by Darlene Graves July 25th at 7:30 am and 12 noon in conference rm A/B. All clinical staff is welcome to attend. Register through Organizational Learning.