Patient Experience – Embracing the Gift of Privileged Presence


Healthcare experiences are moments of privileged presence. At Hannibal Regional we are privileged to share special, powerful and sometimes life-altering experiences in peoples’ lives.  When dealing with illness or injury – your own or a loved one’s, all senses are intensified.  Healthcare experiences are frequently defining moments in people’s lives, full of poignancy and power, and are remembered for years, often in vivid detail.

Our quest to provide extraordinary and compassionate experiences to every patient, every time recognizes the privileged presence we are afforded as caregivers. And at Hannibal Regional our team is getting BETTER and BETTER at engendering truly respectful and meaningful partnerships with our patients and families. During the most recent quarter, 77.2% of our inpatients rated their experience a nine or ten on a 1 – 10 scale.   Thank you team!

Our hearts and minds are powerful things; when we fill them with positive and compassionate thoughts, our lives individually and our culture collectively begins to change.    Thanks for joining us on the ‘journey to BETTER’ for our patients, families, and for you!   We are BETTER together.

 -Julie Leverenz, VP Patient Experience


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