Patient Experience: The Dance of Change-Let’s Boogie


Several years ago Peter Senge, one of my favorite leadership gurus,  wrote a book entitled The Dance of Change. His research and insights invited leaders to anticipate the challenges that profound change will ultimately force an organization to face.  He identified personal and organizational capabilities needed to meet this challenge.  Well  my friends,  at Hannibal Regional we have a wonderful opportunity to really test these theories. Progress, otherwise known as change, and the trust relationships we have between and among us as a Hannibal Regional family, are the only constants in the healthcare landscape today.

We’re definitely on the move. So let’s dance!  Senge suggests the challenges of maintaining growth and transformational change are:  

1)      Not Enough Time – lack of a group’s flexibility and control over its own time and priorities

2)      No Help  – not enough coherent, consistent knowledgeable coaching, guidance and support

3)      Not Relevant – the absence of a clear compelling case for learning from the experiences

4)      Walking the Talk – the vulnerability and lack of reflection engendered by a gap between values and actions, especially for those championing change.

Can you or your team relate to any of these?  If so, let’s learn, grow and dance together. The capabilities for managing time, help, relevance and consistency of values and behaviors are best developed under high pressure; so let’s do this. Can you hear the beat of change all around? Listen, feel the beat, then let’s move together! As we learn to move together gracefully in this ‘Dance of Change’ we’ll maintain the exciting growth trajectory of our life-giving work at Hannibal Regional.   Recognizing that this is a “dance” that can energize or exhaust us…let anticipate the challenges, learn to engage with others in synchrony so we can glide gracefully – or awkwardly, especially at first – toward building trust relationships with patients and families that guide all of us to BETTER!  …so let’s Boogie.

Julie Leverenz, Vice President – Patient Experience