Patient Experience – Why It Matters to Our Patients That HRHS is a Great Place to Work!


On May 23, our CEO Todd Ahrens announced that we had been selected as one of the top Modern Healthcare’s Best Places to Work in the country.  For those of us who are members of the Hannibal Regional family, achieving this milestone is clearly cause for celebration. What may not be so apparent is the powerful impact this GREAT PLACE accolade has on the EXPERIENCE of the patients and families we serve.

Please consider with me….Our GREAT PLACE pillar, the first of five HRHS strategic “Pillars of Success” in our 2016-2020 Plan, defines Hannibal Regional’s aspiration to become a GREAT PLACE to work for those with a passion to serve others and a drive for excellence! In late 2015 when we began this journey, we recognized that this Pillar would likely be the greatest influence on our success in every other Pillar, and more importantly, would literally pave the way along our path to achieving our Vision to be “THE trusted guide to BETTER Health. – Every Patient. Every Time.”

This award reveals that we have made strides in the areas of employee engagement, pay and benefits, training, development and resources, relationships with supervisors, the work environment, our satisfaction with our roles, corporate culture and communications, and leadership and planning.  We are a GREAT PLACE to work! However, we certainly are not perfect in any of these arenas; yet this award seems to offer clear evidence of our progress along that path.  In his recent work, “The Slight Edge,” author Jeff Olson describes how simple disciplines are turned into massive success and happiness for successful organizations and individuals. Purposeful habits practiced everyday feed success.  And so it is for Hannibal Regional. The strategies we are pursuing help us maintain the vigilance and focus that ultimately guides our community, our patients and their families to BETTER Health!

At Hannibal Regional, every team member’s passion to serve others and our collective drive for excellence influences every aspect of our success in providing extraordinary and compassionate patient and family experiences every time.  Bottom line: When we get the GREAT PLACE pillar right, it becomes the enabling fuel for every pursuit of Hannibal Regional.  Together, we can do amazing things to fulfill our Mission of Health. In the words of Helen Keller, “Alone we can do so little; together, we can do so much.

 – Julie Leverenz,  VP- Patient Experience