Physician Signatures on Patient DME Orders


When follow-up or annual orders, including Certificates of Medical Necessity, are sent for durable medical equipment (DME), there are times the patient no longer sees the provider who wrote the original order(s).  There are also times the provider is out of the office.

It is important the provider seeing the patient is the provider who signs the order

  • If the patient is no longer seeing the provider listed on the order, and is seeing another provider in the same office,
    • Please cross through the name and NPI and PRINT the correct physician/provider and NPI before signing. 
      • The order does not have to be sent back to the DME provider to be re-generated.
      • If the new information is printed BEFORE the provider signs, it does not have to be initialed.
  • If a prescription is received for a patient who no longer sees the provider listed on the order and the office has no idea who the patient is currently seeing
    • Please notate such on the order and send back to the DME provider as quickly as possible.
      • If there is any information available as to the physician the patient is currently seeing, please share.
  • If the provider seeing the patient is out of the office:
    • The paperwork should be signed upon their return. 
      • No one should sign in their absence.
    • An exception might be needed if the provider is going to be out for an extended period. 
      • In that case it may be helpful for the covering provider to sign off on the order/renewal so care can be provided to the patient. 
      • It would be helpful if a note could be included so the DME provider realizes the order is being signed by a covering provider.

Got a question?  Phone or fax the durable medical equipment provider and ask.  The most important thing is for patients to get the equipment and supplies needed.  As hard as DMEs work to keep information updated, it is not uncommon for a patient to see a different doctor than the one who signed the original order.

Your help in getting orders signed by the correct provider is appreciated.

 – Judy Hays, Hannibal Medical Supply