Resuscitation Quality Improvement (RQI) Program: BLS and ACLS Certification Program


RQIHannibal Regional is excited to announce that the American Heart Association’s Resuscitation Quality Improvement (RQI) Program will soon be available! Hannibal Regional will be the first hospital and medical clinic in the state of Missouri to implement the RQI Program. The goal of the RQI Program is to help sustain high-quality CPR and improve patient outcomes through brief and regular skills practice. Team members and medical providers in positions which require BLS (Basic Life Support, or CPR) and ACLS certification have the opportunity to take part in this enhanced training method.

How RQI Works:  RQI uses a combination of online learning modules (via HealthStream), patient cases and a mobile skills station to help providers maintain competence in BLS and ACLS. The stations are equipped with adult and infant mannequins and a tablet computer that connects to the training material. After completing the HealthStream modules, team members perform self-directed, quarterly skills that take an average of 10 minutes each to complete. The mannequins are designed to be as life-like as possible so they give the same amount of resistance to ventilations and chest compressions as a human body.

RQI assignments can be completed at your convenience. Two mobile skills station carts are available to team members 24 hours/day for skills practice and testing. The carts will be located at MS1 (rm# A-1-703) and HRMG and available to check out to departments/clinics. The RQI carts can be checked out for department meetings or for those who would like to complete skills assignments with the help of an instructor or Super User. Super Users in each clinical area, along with the Department Educators will receive RQI training and will be available to assist others after April 22, 2016. Following the April 22nd training Organizational Learning will provide roving education throughout the hospital assisting clinicians in using the RQI carts.

AHA Certification:  With completion of each quarterly activity, AHA Certification is extended 90 days. As a result certification is always current. Team members will have access to their certification E-Card (via HealthStream) after completion of the first quarter activity.

Team members whose BLS or ACLS certification expires before Sept 30th will have to complete an online “RQI Complete” course and perform the skills portion using the RQI cart. Once this has been completed by June 30th the team member will become enrolled in the RQI program and begin performing their skills check off every 90 days.  

Questions? Need more information?

Please Contact Kim Bouyea 629-3581 or Joni Morris 629-3587