RISEing Stars of the Quarter Announced


Congratulations to Susie Chapman, RN – Home Health, Amanda Echternacht, House Supervisor – Nursing Administration, Leann Teigan, Supervisor – Ultrasound for winning this quarter’s RISEing Star Award!


Susie Chapman, RN – Home Health

Susie began with Hannibal Regional on April 13, 2009 as a RN in Home Health where she continues today.

The person nominating Susie wrote:

“Susie Chapman is the most loving, caring, compassionate nurse I have ever worked with, not only with patients but also her fellow teammates. Her outlook is so positive it radiates to the entire team. When asked to do ‘anything’ she never questions my intent, but is always gracious. She has been the primary nurse for several of my family members and they each rave about their care AND Susie. She is committed to her patients and HRHS.  Stories of Susie that come to mind are how she stopped weekly to get one of her patients McDonald’s because he had no one else. Or how she has multiple times taken up collections for food and supplies for patients, or the day she gave the dog a flea bath.  She is a special person with a pure caring heart and is very deserving of the RISEing Star of the Quarter award.”


Amanda Echternacht, House Supervisor – Nursing Administration

Amanda began with Hannibal Regional December 24, 2001 as a Childcare Teacher, but termed in July 2003. She returned to the Children’s Center September 2007. In February 2013 she transferred to a monitor tech in ICU until she completed her RN degree in May 2014. On May 13, 2016 she was promoted to Clinical Coordinator when she completed her BSN. On January 15, 2017 Amanda became a Clinical Coordinator to the House Supervisor.

Amanda’s nominator wrote:

“Amanda shows RISE values with every scheduled shift she works as a Clinical Coordinator and goes above and beyond by working the extra hours needed to help out struggling units as a staff nurse. When she comes onto the units, there is always a willing smile and respectful attitude toward that unit despite what news she might be bringing them regarding the next admission or transfer. She shows integrity in her job and how she presents herself as a leader of the organization. Nurses, like Amanda, often times go unrecognized based on nurses having the feeling of this is what I am supposed to be doing. It is a part of who we are. I truly feel Amanda would be an excellent candidate for the RISEing Star Award, to show her how appreciative we are of her hard work and compassion for not only the patients but of all fellow team members.”

Leann Teigen, Supervisor – Ultrasound

Leann began with Hannibal Regional July 14, 1992 as a Sonographer. In April 2012 she was promoted to Senior Ultrasonographer. Leann was then promoted to Supervisor – Ultrasound in September 2014.

The person nominating Leann wrote:

“It is impossible to summarize in a few words what kind of sonographer Leann is. Starting in 1992, Leann has devoted the last 25 years of her life to caring for a unique and complex group of patients. She is a born leader, and has made countless contributions to make ultrasound what it is today. She is an instrument in the facilitation of family centered care, and embraces challenges and change with innovative strategies. Leann’s most notable quality is her leadership skills. As a leader, Leann continuously shows staff what it means to feel supported. Whether it is staying late to help the sonographers to finish their work, talking you through your first exam or managing high patient flow in staffing shortages, Leann is the person you want at your side when times become challenging.  Leann is the backbone of the ultrasound department. Her leadership, knowledge, family centered approach, have shaped and impacted numerous sonographers, patients, families, and the unit as a whole. I am honored to have gotten the opportunity to learn from Leann and work side by side with her. I cannot think of another person who is more deserving of a RISEing Star of the quarter award, because simply put, Leann is an extraordinary leader, team member and sonographer.”