September Heart Health Assessment


Approximately 750,000 people have heart attacks each year and of those over 110,000 die. Hannibal Regional wants our community members to know about their health so that they can be proactive and take the necessary steps to have a healthier heart. Hannibal Regional is offering 2 options in September:

  1. The $99 Heart Health Assessment being offered by Hannibal Regional Medical Group includes: BMI, BP check, Cholesterol screening, glucose screening, EKG and ABI – based on pre-screening results. If you would like to refer a patient to the Heart Health Assessment, please call 573-629-3307. As their primary care provider you will be notified within 4 business days after the assessment.
  1. The $99 Calcium Scoring Test being offered by Hannibal Regional Radiology is a simple non-invasive CT imaging test that detects buildup of calcium in plaque on the walls of the arteries of the heart. If you would like to refer a patient to the Calcium Scoring Test, call 573-248-5688.

This assessment and test are a part of Hannibal Regional’s new Find & Fight Screenings program. Our goal is to raise awareness of life-saving screenings to help our patients understand their health and to make positive changes for a longer, healthier life.