Spirit of Excellence Kicks Off


Team members of Hannibal Regional Healthcare System recently had the opportunity to take part in the Spirit of Excellence Training. This was the next step in the organization’s journey to create a culture of excellence, which will allow us to improve service, HCAHPS scores and patient satisfaction scores. Spirit of Excellence was brought to our organization by Enspiron Company and Mr. Bruce Loeffler.

The Spirit of Excellence will help HRHS develop standards of service for every team member to follow daily and use in every interaction with every patient, family member, physician and co-worker. The Seven Standards of Spirit of Excellence are the next steps on the already strong RISE Values foundation.

To help us make the journey to a culture of excellence HRHS has 60 team members who have volunteered to be Spirit of Excellence Champions. They will be leading their areas in the implementation of service standards and coaching team members toward excellence. Beginning in November the champions will be communicating with the team members in their departments on a weekly basis about improving service in their area.

As we move to a culture of excellence keep this thought in mind, “In life and within Hannibal Regional Healthcare System, it is the little things you do and the personal touch you give that makes all the difference.

Spirit of Excellence Class