Expansion Announcement

August 8, 2017

For decades people in the community have depended on Hannibal Regional for comprehensive healthcare and our highly specialized services.   In order to continue meeting the ever-changing and increasing needs of the community, Hannibal Regional has begun the first phase of a three-year expansion project, investing $61 million in the health of the our region.  This major expansion project will allow Hannibal Regional to accommodate the growing needs of northeast…


Facility Expansion Project

July 5, 2017

There are exciting things happening here at our campus! We have been planning a major expansion here at Hannibal Regional which has now begun.  We are embarking on this major facility expansion project that will provide our community, patients, families, and team members with a facility that will meet their needs well into the future. Over the next three years you will see construction activity on the campus, specifically to…


Construction Update

Update Cosntruction SiteThe Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit and new elevator construction are underway and will continue for the next several months.  The Hospital is creating a 13 bed Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit on second floor, with a projected opening date of October 1, 2015.  A new elevator tower will also  be installed to be utilized for the transport of patients between first and second floor and for support service operations.

Temporary barrier walls will be installed in the hallways on first and second floors adjacent to the current elevators serve as an Infection Control barrier to keep construction based contaminants from entering the patient care environment.

April 6, 2015