Radiology Department Celebrated Radiology Week

December 6, 2016

The Radiology Team consists of 32 team members. Did you know, Radiology performs 20,806 general radiology exams, 7,402 CTs, 542 Nuclear Medicine exams, 775 Mammograms, 1,725 MRIs, 5,157 ultrasounds, 2,883 c-arms procedures in a year? Additionally, the Radiology Team performs exams in the HRMG buildings located at Shelbina, Monroe City, Canton and Hannibal. That isn’t all, they do much, much more and we would like to thank them for all they…


Celebrating National Radiologic Technology Week

RadiologyIn celebration of National Radiologic Technology Week the Radiology Department participated in several events designed to not only strengthen their teamwork, but to further their education as well.  The department had team lunches, participated in a treasure hunt, held an Ice-O tournament to see who could put on isolations gowns the quickest, and decorated the department with fun facts about radiologic equipment.

The Radiology Department consists of CT, Nuclear Medicine, MRI, Ultrasound, General Diagnostic, and Mammography and all together performs approximately 2,500 – 3,000 exams per month.

December 2, 2014