United We Stand; Divided We Fall


United we Stand; Divided We Fall.

The Power of Standard #5: Team Spirit

By Julie Leverenz, VP-Patient Experience

While visiting recently with one of our managers about how to enhance the patient experience, she expressed frustration with how powerless she felt at times. Regardless of the effectiveness of those team members reporting to her, the performance of others caring for her patients had just as much, if not more, impact on her patients’ and families’ experience.  I said, “YES!  You are exactly right!”  None of us can guide our patients to BETTER alone.  We’re all in this together. No doctor, no nurse or group of clinicians, no administrator, no manager, no department, no division can truly serve our patients and families successfully without one another. Every one of us is a CAREGIVER!  We are ONE HRHS.

Together we can be a powerful engine for BETTER, but learning to work well together is one of the most difficult aspects of life, and not just work life. Whether we’re talking about relationships with families, communities, sports teams or our work teams, harmony and unity don’t just magically happen.  In July our Spirit of Excellence Champions will focus on “Team Spirit.”  Much like rooting for the same sports team, group spirit bonds people together. A team atmosphere can only increase our success and lead each of us to greater satisfaction with our work. Team spirit at HRHS includes igniting excitement about guiding others to BETTER and our vision for a healthier future for families in our region.    

Here are some simple ideas to get you started in discovering your team’s recipe for building Team Spirit…

  1. RECOGNIZE others publicly, celebrate achievement!

  2. NOTICE the positive: when you notice the good in others and in situations you give it ‘oxygen’ to live and survive in your department!

  3. Don’t be afraid to LAUGH – a tense work environment keeps everyone isolated so find ways to enjoy one another!

When I visited PCU recently some of the nurses told me about their new “Pickle Jar Project.”  The “Pickle Jar Project” 1) recognizes others’ efforts to stay positive, 2) enables the team to notice when we’re ‘giving oxygen’ to the wrong things, and 3) encourages us to laugh and have fun with one another.  If you’re not aware of PCUs “Pickle Jar Project,”  give Lizzy, Rose or Sara a call.  It’s silly, simple and powerful.

Teamwork is essential to happiness at work for each of us and most importantly, it is an important ingredient in the secret sauce that enables us to guide our patients and families to BETTER. Enjoy discovering your recipe for Team Spirit this month!