Your Leadership is Fueling Our Momentum to BETTER Experiences!


As we launch the third year of our journey to ensure Hannibal Regional provides “patient and family centered care for every patient, every time” let’s take a minute and reflect on the milestones we’ve achieved along this path during the first two years. And let’s explore your important role.

First and foremost, I want to thank those who serve on the Patient and Family Centered Care Team who have been responsible for leading this journey. Through their concerted effort a model for understanding Patient and Family Centered Care has emerged and been embraced.  That model now provides the guardrails along our path to BETTER. Secondly, based on this model we’ve pursued a myriad of initiatives this past year; efforts like embedding Guest Services at our entrances, hard-wiring Nurse Leader Rounding on every patient, implementing Communication Boards, engaging patient advisors into our planning and improvement  processes, adopting Quiet practices, improving visiting and family engagement practices, and many, many other efforts are helping us provide consistently BETTER experiences for our patients. During the last quarter more than 70% of our inpatients and 83% of our clinic patients indicated that their experience at Hannibal Regional was exceptional!

As we continue along this exciting and meaningful path forward, let’s recall the important aspirations we now recognize as the foundation for our ongoing success:

LEADERSHIP:   Governance and executive leaders demonstrate that everything in the culture is focused on patient- and family-centered care, practiced everywhere in the Healthcare System – at the individual patient level; at the microsystem level; and across the organization, including governance.

HEARTS AND MINDS: The hearts AND minds of all staff and providers are fully engaged.

RESPECTFUL PARTNERSHIPS: Every care interaction is anchored in a respectful partnership, anticipation and responding to patient and family needs (e.g. physical comfort, emotional, informational, cultural, spiritual, and learning)

RELIABLE CARE: Care systems deliver reliable, quality care 24/7.

EVIDENCE-BASED CARE: The care team instills confidence by providing collaborative, evidence-based care.

What then matters most as we accelerate the momentum of our climb toward this new way of living our Mission?  YOU, YOUR TEAM and YOUR LEADERSHIP! Every step forward we take in the transformation process is because one or more of us has invited our teams to consider new and better ways to connect with our patients and families.   As a result we are beginning to think differently about the possibilities and the promise of BETTER;  as we use the creative tension and energy (both positive and negative) created by the gap between what is and what could be, we lead our organization to BETTER patient and family experiences.   Way to go!

As we embark on a new year, let’s keep our pedal to the metal as we accelerate this cultural transformation journey.  

Julie Leverenz, VP-Patient Experience